Roadmap of the Dinosaurs: Jurassic


  • An update on Agility's roadmap, including upcoming features and goals for the Moon, Mars, and Galaxy phases.

  • These include the LP token lock feature, liquidity distribution platform, and the launch of aUSD stablecoin and aUSD trading platform.

  • $AGI and $esAGI will play an important role in the whole system.

Moon Phase: May-July

LP Token Lock Feature

The depth and stability of AGI-WETH liquidity are crucial for the Agility protocol. However, many short-term speculators hold LP tokens for a short period and dump AGI after earning substantial profits.

To ensure the protocol's long-term stability, we have decided to add an AGI-WETH LP token lock feature soon. If you wish to participate in Dinosaur Liquidity Mining using LP tokens, you must lock your LP tokens for a specified period. The details and lock time will be decided through AgilityDAO voting.

Stay tuned.

Liquidity Distribution Platform for all PoS Chains

We've noticed that Ethereum isn't the only PoS chain experiencing LSD liquidity issues. In response, we've decided to deploy Agility Protocol across multiple chains.

Agility wants to build a Liquidity Distribute Platform for all PoS chains’ Liquidity Staking Derivatives. Agility's vision is to become the liquidity layer for LSD, not only on Ethereum.

The details will be decided through AgilityDAO voting.

Stay tuned.

Liquidity Distribute Platform - Jurassic

Agility is not only a mining game, our vision is to be a liquidity layer of Liquidity Staking Derivatives. So we are excited to announce that we are about to launch the Liquidity Distribute Platform.

Imagine the following two scenarios:


  • BullishETH is a low market-cap LSD issuer that is superior to Lido in terms of mechanism design and returns. It wants to gain a larger LSD market share, but the lack of liquidity and attention makes it difficult for BullishETH to grow quickly, which also limits the decentralization of LSD. However, things are different now. BullishETH can choose to cooperate with Agility and open its vault on Agility Liquidity Distribute Platform. With the incentives of $esAGI and $BULL, Liquidity Providers will notice the value of BullishETH and provide liquidity for it.

LSD Liquidity WAR

  • LSDLend has created a new lending mechanism that is more suitable for LSD assets. However, it can hardly attract ETH and LSD liquidity. But things have changed now. LSDLend can collaborate with Agility and open its vaults on the Agility Liquidity Distribute Platform. With the incentives of $esAGI and $LEND, Liquidity Providers will realize the value of LSDLend and provide liquidity for it.

LSD Distribute Platform is a huge and amazing thing that is worth continuous buidling. Therefore, we have decided first to launch two features, Vaults and esAGI Voting, to meet the liquidity needs of other protocols.

  • Vaults: Support for multiple LSD yield strategies and compatibility with other protocols, such as Aura, Pendle, etc.

  • esAGI Voting: Incentivize community participation in protocol governance and earn a substantial income.

For Liquidity providers, they can find secure and reliable strategies on Agility and receive higher yield incentives.

Mars Phase: July-November

aUSD System

aUSD Mint/Redeem Module

At this stage, Agility will launch aUSD. aUSD is a native LSD stablecoin, minted with high-quality LSD assets and stablecoins as collateral.

Collateral Candidates: USDC, stETH, ETH

At this stage, the main goal of aUSD is to maintain stability rather than blindly expanding the scale of aUSD.

Currently stealth cooking, what we can share is aUSD System will include,

  • aUSD Mint/Redeem Module

  • aUSD Lending Platform & Lending Liquidation Module

  • aUSD Stability Module

  • aUSD Emergence Liquidation Module

  • aUSD Peg Liquidity Module

It is worth noting that $AGI and $esAGI will play an important role in the aUSD ecosystem.

aUSD Lending Module

For LSD assets with low liquidity, they can release liquidity by attracting aUSD holders to provide aUSD in their lending pool. Therefore, low-liquidity LSD holders can use their LSD as collateral to borrow aUSD in order to release liquidity.

Both Agility and LSD issuers can incentivize aUSD suppliers to provide liquidity for Lending Pools.

How about the Borrow APY?

We are brainstorming to decide on the mathematical formula for Borrow APY, which has the following variables:

  • aUSD utilization rate

  • Liquidity measurement indicators of supported LSD

  • Margin amount deposited by LSD issuers: to compensate aUSD suppliers in case of LSD large depeg.

Liquidity Distribute Platform

At this stage, Agility will continue to build the Liquidity Distribute Platform and introduce the bribe feature.

The bribe feature can guide liquidity in a decentralized manner, bringing more profits to the Agility Community. Protocols that require LSD Liquidity will also be able to obtain liquidity more efficiently and at lower costs.

Galaxy Phase: November-Future

aUSD Trading Platform - Cretaceous

At this stage, Agility will build an aUSD Trading Platform to enrich the application scenarios of aUSD.

aUSD can be used for trading and hedging, such as

  • long/short $ETH, $BTC, $GMX, $GNS, $Pendle, $Gear, etc.

  • long/short LSD Yield

  • option, gambling, etc.

Liquidity Distribute Platform + aUSD = ??

This part is in the secret plan, but it can reveal a little something.

What if the vaults on the Liquidity Distribution Platform can also open aUSD Lending Pools?

What can Liquidity Providers of Liquidity Distribute Platform do when they release their liquidity?

Leverage? Hedge? Trading?

Liquidity Distribute Platform+aUSD Lending+aUSD Trading=?

Let our imagination run wild.

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