Dinosaur Liquidity Mining

Fair Launch

No team emission! No private round emission!

Agility ensures a fair launch of $AGI, dispersing $AGI tokens among participants in the Agility ecosystem.

Dinosaur Liquidity Mining

Agility will launch a 21-day Dinosaur Mining Event at 9 am on 10th April(UTC) to reward early supporters of Agility.

The mining pools include,

  • ETH Mining Pool

  • AGI-WETH LP Mining Pool

  • stETH Mining Pool

  • rETH Mining Pool

  • frxETH Mining Pool

Phase 1: Days 0-3, with a total of 3.03 million $esAGI reward

Open the mining of ETH pool and AGI-WETH LP pool first.

  • ETH Pool: 540,000 esAGI/DAY

  • AGI-WETH LP Pool: 470,000 esAGI/DAY

Phase 2: Days 4-21, with a total of 21 million $esAGI reward

In this stage, the mining of stETH pool, rETH pool and frxETH pool will be opened.

Days 4-6 emissions

  • Total 4,050,000 esAGI rewards.

  • Emission Duration: 9 am on 13th April(UTC) - 9 am on 16th April(UTC)

Distribution Ratio

  • ETH Pool: 33.33%

  • stETH Pool: 18.52%

  • AGI-WETH Pool: 43.70%

  • rETH Pool: 1.48%

  • fraxETH Pool: 1.48%

  • ankrETH: 1.48%

Agility will dynamically adjust the distribution ratio to reach a balanced state.

All esAGI mint events and emission changes will be notified in advance.

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