Basic Concepts


Liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) are tokens issued by liquid staking protocols or platforms, enabling users to unlock their illiquid-staked assets to earn higher yields.

Common LSDs include:

  • stETH and wstETH issued by Lido

  • rETH issued by Rocket Pool

  • frxETH and sfrxETH issued by Frax

  • cbETH issued by Coinbase

  • ankrETH issued by AnkrStaking

Liquidity Distribute Platform

LSD is the biggest narrative for Ethereum this year, and the LSD WAR is coming.

There will be more and more LSD-related protocols appearing in the market, and what they need most is LSD/ETH liquidity. Agility Protocol can help them boost initial liquidity very well.

aUSD System

aUSD is an over-collateralization native LSD stablecoin, minted with high-quality LSD assets and stablecoins as collateral.

aUSD can be used to help LSD Holders release liquidity at a lower cost, while aUSD has many use cases, such as:

  • Participating in aUSD Liquidation to earn profits

  • Providing liquidity for aUSD Lending Platform to earn profits

  • Participating in aUSD Lending Liquidation to earn profits

  • Participating in aUSD Trading Platform

aUSD System + Liquidity Distribute Platform

This part is in the secret plan, but it can reveal a little something.

What if the vaults on the Liquidity Distribution Platform can also open aUSD Lending Pools?

What can Liquidity Providers of Liquidity Distribute Platform do when they borrow aUSD?

Leverage? Hedge? Trading?

Liquidity Distribute Platform+aUSD Lending+aUSD Trading=?

Let our imagination run wild.

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