LSD Liquidity Distribute System-Jurassic

LSD is the biggest narrative for Ethereum this year, and the LSD WAR is coming.

There will be more and more LSD-related protocols appearing in the market, and what they need most is LSD/ETH liquidity. Agility Protocol can help them boost initial liquidity very well.

Strategy Vaults

Each LSD Strategy Vault represents an LSD-relative strategy, such as

  • Stake incentivized low-liquidity LSDs, which have better mechanism designs and returns compared to Lido.

  • Providing rETH-WETH pair liquidity on Aura

  • Providing LSD for Gearbox passive pool

  • Providing LP rETH-WETH Aura liquidity on Pendle, etc.

Imagine the following two scenarios


  • BullishETH is a low market-cap LSD issuer that is superior to Lido in terms of mechanism design and returns. It wants to gain a larger LSD market share, but the lack of liquidity and attention makes it difficult for BullishETH to grow quickly, which also limits the decentralization of LSD. However, things are different now. BullishETH can choose to cooperate with Agility and open its vault on Agility Liquidity Distribute Platform. With the incentives of $esAGI and $BULL, Liquidity Providers will notice the value of BullishETH and provide liquidity for it.

LSD Liquidity WAR

  • LSDLend has created a new lending mechanism that is more suitable for LSD assets. However, it can hardly attract ETH and LSD liquidity. But things have changed now. LSDLend can collaborate with Agility and open its vaults on the Agility Liquidity Distribute Platform. With the incentives of $esAGI and $LEND, Liquidity Providers will realize the value of LSDLend and provide liquidity for it.

The initial Vaults were created by the protocol or partners to control risks. Later, the creation of new Vaults will be decided by the DAO.

Voting Module

AGI token holders can stake their AGI tokens to receive esAGI tokens, which have the voting power to vote for vault emissions in each epoch. The voted vaults will emit more esAGI tokens to liquidity providers who offer ETH or LSD.

Voters can earn 70% yield of the selected vaults.

Voter's earnings include:

  • Bribe fee

  • 70% of the strategy yield of the voted vaults

Emission Module

Every Epoch, Agility Protocol will allocate emission of esAGI tokens to qualified vaults.

Bribe Module

For protocols that have liquidity demand for LSD or ETH, they can bribe esAGI token holders to vote for their Vault.

More votes, More esAGI emissions.

More esAGI emissions will attract more LPs to provide liquidity for their Vault.


What if you could use LP Tokens from Liquidity Distribute as collateral to borrow aUSD?

High Composability

If Liquidity Distribute Platform supports a protocol's strategy and there is also an aUSD lending pool supporting this strategy, it means that the Liquidity Providers of that protocol can unlock their liquidity while enjoying strategy profits.

Liquidity Distribute Platform + aUSD Lending + aUSD Trading = ?

Let our imagination run wild.

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